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Brian & Winnie | Joyce East | Intimate Wedding

▉ Intimate Wedding Intimate Bond

"Love is strange, it cares about everything, but forgives everything in the end. We have shed tears for each other, but always hold an umbrella for each other in our hearts."

Two busy doctors who had no interest in having a wedding, finally found the perfect, simple and intimate wedding they were looking for after seeing our post about a 10-person intimate wedding in 2018.

Every moment of their wedding was focused on enjoying the present and feeling the most sincere emotions. From the vows exchanged between them, to the words spoken by their family members, every word was engraved deeply into their hearts. This is the essence of an intimate wedding.

It was in this intimate setting that family members were able to open up their hearts, recount their children's growth, and express their pride in them. Even the mother of the bride and groom did not hold back.

Listening to the bride's mother speak about the bride's past independence and world travels, a strong sense of admiration for her courage emerged within me. After she finished speaking, I shared the realization that I had gained from her daughter:

"Before she met him, she traveled around the world to broaden her horizons and enrich her life. And after meeting him, she began to create more colorful layers in her life."

It was a surprise to the bride to discover that she and her high school classmates had coincidentally chosen us as their wedding planner. Thank you to all of you who have traveled the world with your independence, kindness, and unique taste, for silently supporting us and choosing us to be a part of your important moments. This has created a strong and intimate bond between us.

We continue to enjoy occasional messages after the wedding, chatting about the latest news and updates.






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