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Lizzie & Yolo | Buttermilk | Uganda x Taiwan Intercultural Wedding

That oath he faithfully keeps, not letting anyone read or touch before the woman becomes his wife. The moment he speaks, tears and laughter unintentionally spill out infecting everyone around.

Bilingual Planner & MC @ruby.storyteller

Photos by @vanol_c & 九五哥

Decor @ciao_design @Ciao_wedding_design


Your story is our next stop



#婚禮顧問 WEDDING | #婚宴策劃 PLANNING | #主持團隊 EMCEE | #傳統禮俗 CEREMONY | #異國文化 INTERCULTURAL | #中英服務 BILINGUAL | #教學課程 TEACHING | #自由旅者 TRAVELHOLIC


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