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Julian & Rebecca | La Villa | Netherlands & Taiwan interracial marriage

▍I truly believe that you are designed for me and I for you as we connect seamlessly together.

The internet,

connecting every couple,

carries silently,

every unique story.


She was studying in Europe,

and it was through this invisible network,

that she began talking to him and falling in love.


I still remember,

during our video consultation,

the two of them holding hands on the other side of the screen,

and she said to me,

"Sometimes when you see a person,

your heart will tell you that this is the one."


Not to mention this man,

who, in order to continue being with her,

was willing to move to Singapore with her,

within ten minutes of hearing that she got a job there.


And so it was,

he, born in Europe,

never thought he would meet someone so lovely,

and moved to the other side of the world for her,

opening up more wonderful memories.


On a sunny day in the year after,

they returned to Taiwan,

to her birthplace,

and he still held her hand,

telling her the meaning she has in his life,

writing lines after lines of words,

perhaps so much so that he had to ask everyone to be patient and listen,

but all these words,

are filled with his love.


On the day of their wedding,

maybe a dozen or so guests,

couldn't come from overseas due to COVID-19,

but the love in the entire room,

was not diminished in the slightest.

We laughed out loud,

in every fun activity,

and breathed in deeply,

feeling the joy that belonged to them.

Photographer | Bao Photography

Videographer | Run This Way

Stylist | Yoko Makeup Studio

Floral Designer | DCT Wedding Dreamcatcher Team (Dreamcatcher Outdoor Wedding Team)

Portrait Artist | Emerald Art

Venue | La Villa Danshui

Bilingual Wedding Planner & MC | Ruby Chen・The Storyteller


Wandering through every journey,

between people,

hoping to meet you,

become the next story station,

on this magical journey.


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