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Minnie & Gary | Beautiful Life in Kenting | B&B Wedding

From Taipei,

Heading south to Pingtung,

With Mom and Dad,

And a few but equally important family members,

We completed the ceremony.

Continuing on,

As tears fell from our cheeks,

The fine rain from the sky

Descended upon every red brick.


The rain,

As predicted by the weather forecast,

Would soon rise above our calves.

In the sky of Kenting,

Because of your pure hearts,

Yesterday's heavy rain

Allowed the sunlight to shine through,

Gently caressing the earth.

And the colors of spring,

Bloomed in every corner of the guesthouse.

But, in your eyes,

Due to the sudden outbreak of the pandemic,

Quietly, rain started to fall.

Instead of saying

The pause in the rain

Brought a rainbow,

It is more accurate to say

That because of

Friends as vibrant as a rainbow,

The rain in your eyes ceased.

Allowing you

To bathe in all the joy

As night falls.


To Minnie & Gary

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Graphic Designer & bride/ @minniey28

Coordinator & Planner & MC / @ruby.storyteller

Videographer /

Cocktail / @Mojito_kg

Dessert / 恆春有家紅豆餅


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