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Sebastien & Mégane | | American Club | France & Taiwan Intimate Wedding

Implied within,

is a warm and passionate girl from southern Taiwan.

After graduating, she moved north to work for a foreign company.

Despite being busy with work, she continued to improve her language skills through further education,

with the aim of strengthening her English proficiency.

The girl began using a Language Exchange App for this purpose.

On the other hand, a boy from France who had come to work in Taiwan

wanted to improve his communication with his Taiwanese colleagues,

so he also logged into the same Language Exchange App.

These two completely different lives met on this platform.

For the introverted boy, he didn't have many friends from language exchange apps,

but the frank and outgoing girl was the only girl who gradually opened his heart.

In her wedding speech, the girl thanked the boy for his tolerance and full support

of her wedding arrangements, and for his efforts to communicate with her parents in Chinese

during their trips back to her hometown of Chiayi.

As they said "See you tomorrow" at the end of the wedding,

it reminded everyone of the origin of their relationship - "language".

No matter how fluent they spoke each other's language,

what mattered most was the genuine effort to understand each other.

Photo credit to Eric Lai Studio Wedding Photography Team

Photographer | Eric Lai Studio

Stylist | Qna Make up

Venue | Brick Yard 33 1/3 -BY33

Wedding Emcee & Program Planner | Pauline from Ruby Chen・The Storyteller


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