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TK & Ariel | Humble House Taipei | The Wedding of the Lion Boy

▉The tears of the Lion Boy

People always say,

don't try to challenge the dominance of a lion,

nor expect to see a lion show weakness,

because they possess an unbeatable pride.

But as a lion himself,

I wonder if it's because he met her,

who was outgoing and warm,

from the moment they first contacted,

every move and message,

not only lacked any arrogance,

but also had a softness to it.

During their first meeting,

sitting at my favorite coffee shop,

with the aroma of coffee in the air,

listening to their stories from the past,

starting from when she first liked him and wanted to pursue him,

the two always had a shared smile between them,

but when he recounted his proposal,

he shed tears.

On the afternoon of their wedding day,

with a sky full of drizzling rain,

as he walked in,

the guests watching the ceremony

began to put away their umbrellas,

and as she walked down the outdoor wooden path,

with her warm bouquet,

the rain stopped completely,

perhaps because the heavens wanted everyone to focus on exchanging vows,

amidst his emotional tears.

That night, in the darkness,

watching the SDE of their wedding day together,

he quietly asked her,

"Is it normal to want to cry now?"

As she turned to look at him,

he had tears streaming down his face again,

but this time, he didn't want to wipe them away,

perhaps because he didn't want anyone to know he was crying again,

but I believe it was to preserve the intensity of the moment,

by letting the tears stay on his cheeks,

and engraving the memory deep into their minds.

The Lion Boy,

he doesn't lack the pride of a typical lion,

but for him,

she is the pride that he will cherish for a lifetime,

not as an object to possess,

but as a warm current flowing between their hearts,

in appreciation of her genuine love for him.

From the preparation to the execution of this wedding,

I don't know how many times I shed tears myself.

From hearing his proposal for the first time,

to hugging his mother who found me through the internet (that's another story to share),

to seeing the carefully chosen lyrics he practiced singing,

to witnessing the care of their families and friends towards our team (and sneaking us a chicken nugget),

to receiving many private messages from their loved ones after the wedding.

The best expression of joy,

is not a loud laugh as we commonly believe,

but the tears that flow uncontrollably from within,

when we touch the depths of our hearts. .

Photo Credit to The Stage / 美式婚禮婚紗攝影團隊 Otto Chiu more photos to be posted on our website soon

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