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Teresa & Clotaire | The Moment Hotel Yilan | France x Taiwan Intercultural Wedding

You, who have been away from Taiwan for so long, decided to bring all the people you love back to the Lanyang Plain where you were born. This plain, with its continuous drizzle, echoes its original appearance and embracing gently.

In front of the splendid temples, vows chosen to be kept exclusively for each other. Surrounded by the sound of rain, as if time pauses in this moment. Even without a single understanding of French, that affection between you has already deeply infiltrated into each heart just through the gaze you have for each other.


Planner & Coordinator @ruby.storyteller Joy

Bilingual Program Planner & MC @ruby.storyteller Ruby

Photographer @hellogeorge_larry

Videographer @lifeboatfilm

Decor by lovely bride Teresa :)

Ceremony Venue @yilanpark_ofncfta

Reception Venue @lakeshore_igprint


Your story is our next stop



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